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Marketing Permissions

Engaging with employees is a key component within a HR system. Marketing permissions allow selected users to post announcements to employees who are using the system, ensuring that all users are up to date and on the same page as one another. 

Within the Enterprise version of Natural HR, those with Marketing permissions can create content pages to contribute to your intranet within the system. 

Additionally, we've added a new page called "Branding settings" which will allow those with Marketing permissions to directly make changes to the look and feel of the company colours and logo, without the need to access the system with an HR colleague.  These fields were previously only accessible in the Company Settings and accessible only to HR colleagues. 

How do I enable marketing permissions?

Firstly, marketing permissions must be enabled for each employee that wishes to use this feature. This can be done by an Admin account through:

 People > Users

Then the Admin user would need to click the ‘Edit’ button which is displayed asalongside the employee in the list that they wish to enable.  Scroll down to the permissions section:

Make sure the box entitled ‘Marketing permissions’ is ticked to allow the employee access to marketing features.

Once enabled, the employee will have access to another icon on the left-hand menu of their self-service account, labelled ‘Marketing’, shown as: 

From here, those with Marketing permissions can now post Announcements, Branding settings and Pages in the same way as an Administrator or HR iser would. 

For more information on posting Announcements, please click here.

For more information on creating content Branding, please click here.

For more information on creating content Pages, please click here

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