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Split expenses claim

To enable split expenses claims within Natural HR, go to:

Administration > Company > Settings > Expenses > Expense settings

Within Expense settings, under the Features section, find the option 'Allow expense and mileage claims to be split'.

By setting this option to ‘Yes’, expense approvers are given the option to approve part of an expenses or mileage claim and decline the rest if it does not meet requirements.

With this option switched on, when the approver goes to approve an expense claim they will see a checkbox next to each line which allows them to choose which lines to split into a new report.

Once you have checked the lines you wish to split, click the black 'Split' button at the bottom of the page. The lines which have been selected will then be transferred into a new expense report for the approver to action.  A blue banner message will be displayed at the top of the screen containing a link to the new expense report.


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