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Submitting a Mileage Request

To submit a mileage request within Natural HR, on your homepage click on the "What would you like to do?" button below your photo and select "Add Mileage". 

You'll then be taken through to the screen below.

Complete the fields required on the report. 

Report name: e.g. Mileage April 2019
Report description: can be left blank unless your company has requested this field is completed.
Claim units: Select Miles or KM depending on which you company uses. 

You can add up to 50 lines of mileage expenses to one claim. To add additional lines, enter a number in the box as shown below and click "Add multiple". 

The additional fields will now appear for you to enter your mileage dates and journeys. 

If your company is using Google address lookup, please enter the postcode/address in the the "From" and "To" fields - the distance will then automatically populate. 

Your company may have provided a threshold at which you can override Google's distance field, otherwise it will be locked.  

If your company isn't using Google address lookup, please manually enter the details of your journey and mileage. 

The "comments" box is optional unless your company has requested you expand upon the details of your journey e.g. "Visiting  customer X". 

Once all of the information is complete click the the expense declaration if required and either "Submit the claim for approval"or "Savethe claim to come back and submit it at a later date. 

Whilst awaiting approval, the claim is still viewable by going to:

Self Service > My Requests > Mileage 

You will be then notified via email and the "Recent Actions" section on the home screen as to the outcome of your request.

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