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Publishing and completing a performance review form

Within Natural HR, you have the ability to be able to create completely bespoke performance reviews and publish them to your employees for them to complete within their self-service accounts. 

Once your form has been completed by your employee, the responses will be pushed back to HR and the manager for them to review the employee's answers - and complete any outstanding managers' sections of a particular review if you wish. 

If you need help creating a performance review, there is a useful article here which will walk you through the process.

Publishing a Performance Review

Once you have created your performance review form, you should go to:

Administration > Company > Form builder

Select the 'Paper aeroplane' beneath 'Actions' to publish the form to employees:


You will then be asked to select either Employees which will allow you to select individual employees to publish this form to. The other option is Metadata which will allow you to publish the form to specific job roles, Departments, Managers or Site Locations. 

The employee will then be able to complete the form either by clicking on the link provided in the notification email to the employee or by going to:

Self-Service > My Development > My Reviews

Once an employee has completed the performance review, the manager will receive an email notifying them that there are new responses to view. The manager can view the responses by going to: 

Performance > Reviews

You can click through the specific reviews using the magnifying glass icon to view or the Plus icon to add an entirely new entry. 


Selecting the 'Magnifying glass' will allow you, as the manager to view employee's responses in a table view. From here, you also have the ability to update forms which have already been submitted using the 'Pencil icon'

This section is commonly used when a manager needs to complete a section of a form during a review. 

Once the form is ultimately completed, the manager should edit the form (as shown above) and set a 'Completed' field to 'Yes'. In doing so, the system will recognise that this particular form has been completed and prohibit any editing to be done in the future. 

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