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Year end time off process (end of company holiday year)

When you approach the end of a holiday year, it is time to consider the tasks which need performed to close out one year and start the next.

Assuming you are using a 'Set Date' under Company > Settings > Time off Settings for Holiday Year then there are two tasks which need to be performed - carryover and setting the new date(s). 

If you use 'Employee Start Date' then you will need to manage this process manually (via Administration > HR > Time off management > Manage carryover values) when the employee's start date anniversary is reached. 

To help with this, we recommend creating a Continuous workflow to notify the HR mailbox when an employee reaches their start date. 

Before starting this process, we strongly recommend you ensure that all timeoff has been processed and approved/declined as appropriate.

Video explaining the holiday year end process:

Step by step guide to the holiday year end process:

(If you do not use carry over then go directly to STEP 12)

  1. Go to Administration > HR > Timeoff management > Process carryover - we recommend you use the automated process rather than manually entering values. You should not do both - you should do one or the other.
  2. Enter the start and end dates for your PREVIOUS holiday year (i.e. the one you have just completed or are about to complete) as you want to process what are, in effect, LAST year’s values.
  3. If you have some employees who have timeoff in days and others in hours then process carryover will only be able to deal with one set of these - it is not possible to days and hours both using the automated process.
  4. If you would only like to process carryover for individual sites, select the sites you would like to run from the check-boxes.  
  5. You can also choose how to deal with negative values and how to account for rounding of figures.
  6. Click on the'Calculate and Check' button and carefully check the values. 
  7. If they are correct, then you can Submit them and they will be entered into the carryover balances. IMPORTANT: This process will overwrite ALL carryover balances currently in the system for ALL employees. 
  8. You can then check the actual balances in Reporting > Report Library > Carryover Report.
  9. If any values are incorrect or if you need to add additional entries or adjust any existing entries you can do so via Administration > HR > Time off management > Manage Carryover Values
  10. Once you have carryover completed, you now need to change the dates for your holiday year.
  11. At this point, you can then change the values for start of year.  To do this you need to go to Administration > Company > Settings > Time off settings (global) and change the date in 'Start of holiday year'  to the date of the new holiday year.
  12. Additionally, if you use carryover, you may need to adjust the value of 'Expiry date for carryover days'.
  13. If you use Site level time off settings, you will need to repeat steps 8 to 11 for each of the sites in question - changing the settings in Time off Settings (global) only applies to those employees who are not located at a site with site level time of settings.
  14. To check if any of your sites use site level time off settings, go to Administration > HR > Data Management > Sites and check the column marked 'Site level time off settings' - any which are marked as 'Yes' will need their values updating as well as the Global settings. 
  15. If you are using mandatory company holidays, you will need to input the company holidays for the new year. You will need to go to Time and attendance > Holidays - from here you will need to delete the previous year's holiday dates using the 'X' icon and either manually add the new holidays using the 'Add' button at the bottom of the list or automatically populate public holidays using the 'Map Public Holidays' button below the list. 
  16. When 'Mapping public holidays', if there are dates missing or incorrect for your chosen year you can either update the dates manually using the 'Pencil' icon or contact Natural HR support
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  1. Kevin Warman

    Hi, I have a suggestion. people don't always remember the month they started work, but they always remember their own birthday. It would be great to be able to set people's holiday year to start in their birthday month and end at the end of the previous month. The benefit to the company of this is that instead of having everyone's holiday year ending at the same time, usually March, and therefore having to deal with a mad scramble to use up the current year's holiday...which inevitably means the company is short staffed in March, this would instead be spread over the year and there would be no period of lots of people scrambling for holiday. Using people's own birthday month is better than using their month they started because they will remember that. However, the software needs to automatically roll forward unused holiday, send automatic emails to HR admin and to the individual to remind them that their holiday needs to be used up etc, It needs to be fully automated. A good plan would be to send reminders at the beginning of each of the 3 months prior to their holiday year end. So long as you get the admin automated there could be substantial benefits to the businesses using your software...dare I say a USP given that few other companies do this.