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I cannot receive emails to

For some reason, Google mail ( is very hit and miss with emails. In all cases, we can see the email successfully leaving our systems but it never arrives with the recipient.

The bizarre thing is that many Gmail users (either directly or using Gmail as a relay) have no such issues with signup emails and so on arriving in seconds which makes this very difficult for us to remedy.

The first thing to check is your junk or spam folder plus also pay special attention to your Tabbed Inbox and Categories as the mail may have been marked as Promotions, for example.

Below is a walkthrough of some of the things to try in Gmail specifically.

1. Here is a "normal" Gmail tabbed inbox - as you can see there is a read message in the Inbox (hence next messages shows as none) plus there is one message in Social with Promotions showing as containing nothing.



2. Now if we move over to the Promotions tab, we can see there are actually three unread messages in Promotions. Note there is no notification that these messages have arrived so YOU MUST MANUALLY CHECK. 



3. The first thing you can do to rectify this is simply select one or more messages by ticking the box next to the messages and drag them over the Primary Tab (note Google refers to the messages as conversations)



4. Immediately you can now see that the menu on the left is indicating that there is one unread message in the Inbox - messages which are in Promotions do not show in your Inbox.



5. Another option within the Promotions tab is to right click the message in question and select "Move to tab" and then "Primary".



6. Upon moving the message/conversation you then get a request at the top of your screen asking if you want to do this for all future messages from, in this case, Click yes and, in theory, you should never have to do this again. Please note this works at an email address level so just because you add doesn't mean that will be treated the same. See next note for how to do this. gmail6.jpg


7. If you want to add whole domain to a safe list / white list then you can do so using Filters. To create a filter click the down facing arrow to the right of the search bar and to the left of the blue search button.




8. Once the form below appears you can then enter an email address or a domain ( into this box - adding the domain will mean all messages from will be treated in this way.



9. Finally, once you click "Create filter with this search" you will see the below screen. The main option to note is "Never send it to Spam" - you can of course create and use other labels and categories etc but if you tick the "Never send it to Spam" box you are telling Google that you want to receive emails from hence it should no longer regard these as spam.


If the mail still does not arrive then you need to wait and in many cases it does arrive albeit somewhat delayed - the delay is totally outside of our control and raising a ticket or continually requesting a new password, for example, will NOT help.

If you have tried the above and you are not having any success then you either need to contact Gmail or change email address - as an indicator, we have over 1,400 clients directly using Gmail email addresses for their main account and that does not even look at those using Gmail as a relay and only a very small number ever have problems so this points to the issues being outside of our systems.

We understand this is frustrating but there is little we can do to remedy this as the problem occurs once the mail leaves our systems and is outside of our control.

N.B. If you are trying to reset your password and so on, requesting multiple times in a short period is more likely to cause delays than fix them as gmail will see lots of emails coming from one email address with the same content and will automatically assume it is spam meaning it is less likely to arrive or the delay will be increased.

You only need to request your password or PIN once and then wait a reasonable time (hours) before requesting again or contacting support.

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