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Adding URL Links to the Natural HR Menu

Natural HR facilitates the addition of external links within the Enterprise version of the system. These can link to anything that you require, such as social media sites like Twitter, or even to your organisations intranet. 

Links will display in the main menu on the left hand side, underneath the standard items configured within your system, and will automatically take you to the configured location on click. 

The links will always open up a new tab or window (depending on your browser configuration), rather than taking you away from the Natural HR site completely. 

To set up these links in your system, go to "Administration >> Company >> Settings >> Links" to open the links table. If you have no links, this table will be completely empty. 

To start adding a link, simply click the "Add" button. This will take you to the link configuration screen.

The first step in creating your link is to give it a "Name". 

This name is case sensitive, and will be displayed to everyone when they hover over the relevant icon in the main menu, like the example for Twitter below;

Name is a mandatory field for the creation of a link. 

The "URL" field is where you define the destination of your link.

Simply type, or copy and paste, your desired destinations web address in the URL field, such as the above Twitter address. 

URL is a mandatory field for the creation of a link.

The "Description" field gives you an opportunity to provide some additional information about your link. This information will not be displayed publicly amongst your organisation, so is mainly used to provide extra detail for Administrators who will have access to the link configuration. 

Due to its nature, the description field is not mandatory, and can simply be left blank. 

As the Main Menu is designed to be noninvasive, the name of your link will not be displayed until hovered over. As such, an "Icon" can be selected to provide quick identification of links. 

There are a large quantity of unique icons available for usage, providing plenty of options for you links. There are some more generic computing and system icons (in the red box), and more specific ones for popular social media sites (in the blue box), including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

The icon field is not mandatory, and can be left blank. If you do so, the icon will default to the first in the selection. 

"User groups" is the third and final mandatory field when creating a link.

This field defines which user groups can see the link in their menu. This allows you to hide certain links, for example a link to a manager guide book, from those groups who have no need for it. You can select as many or as few groups as you wish, but at least ONE user group must be selected for the link to be created. If you want your entire company to be able to see the link you can select the ALL option which will make the link visible to all user groups. 

"Order" is simply in which order your links will appear in the main menu. 

If you leave the order field blank, the link will appear at the bottom of the menu. If you enter a number, the link will move to that space in the menu. 

Once your link has been defined to your specification, click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page to publish it. 

Your link will now appear in the links table, and can be edited at any time by pressing the pencil icon (blue), or deleted by pressing the "x" icon (red).

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