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Compliance Cases

How will this feature help?  

Since the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Natural HR has released the ability to create and manage "Compliance Cases". 

Compliance cases will allow you to take a download of all of the files or information which are associated to an employee or candidate file in different formats. 

For example, if an employee was to submit a Subject Access Request (SAR): the Compliance cases feature will allow you to download and provide this information and maintain a full record of every action whilst this case is being compiled. 

How to create a Compliance Case

Firstly, you will need to populate a list of reasons why this Compliance case has been raised. This is done via Administration > HR > Company > Settings > Compliance > Compliance Search Reason

This will bring up the screen above where you can begin to add your compliance search reason by pressing the green 'Add' button.

After typing the required name and a brief description of the compliance search reason as shown above if you click 'Submit' you can then begin to add the details of the case itself by following the steps below.

Go to: Administration> HR> Compliance Cases

Selecting the "Add" button will allow you to create a new case

Then fill out the sections above and select what compliance reason to use you wish from the drop-down box for 'Reason' and then when pressing submit you will then be able to start the actual search(es) for the compliance case by pressing 'Go to case'

New Search allows you to search Natural HR for all information relating to an employee or candidate and add this to the existing case

New Comment will allow you to add a general comment to the case in order to keep a record of any developments in this case

Searching for information

Selecting "New Search" will display the below options. 

Subject - This will allow you to select which employee or candidate you would like to perform the search on

File Search - If set to 'Yes', this search will download all documents associated to the selected person, if set to 'No', the search will download personal information fields from the system. 

Download Type - Select the format in which this download will be provided (Only available if "File search" is set to 'No'). Please note, this will download a zip file containing each individual database record as an individual file so you can then choose which records you are happy to disclose.

Comments - General notes as to why this search is being carried out. 

Now the search has been created if you go back to the case you will be able to download the files by clicking the download icon on the right-hand side.

Please Note - All actions performed within a Compliance Case are audited by the system automatically

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